Sunday, September 28, 2008

End of Shows

The 2008 art show season ended today, on a positive note. I haven't been commenting lately on this blog, because, well, I hadn't had much to say that wouldn't sound negative. It's been generally a negative year. Fine art just hasn't been a priority for most people lately.

The Art in the Barn show, which was this weekend, was extremely well attended, but most of us felt that customers were not confident in spending much. My sales were better than the other 2008 shows, though. All that aside, I was in the "upper barn", which really is a barn, minus livestock, but with many residual barnlike characteristics. It was good to be inside (though the weather outside was good this year), but there was a definite lack of natural light. More lamps and extension cords will be necessary next time. I enjoyed the company of my neighbors.

What about next year? It remains to be seen. . .