Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nobody Puts AG on the Wait List

Well, maybe they do. But, if one show isn't convinced it wants me, another one does. I've accepted an invitation to exhibit at the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Artisan Guild art show, only one block away from the square. Just go north, to the Lake Forest Bank. I'll notify all of my regular customers, occasional customers, and everyone else on my e-mail and snail mail lists of the slight change in location. This show has been organized by some very dedicated people, I'm looking forward to participating.

The heavy lifter and I visited the Art in the Park show in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin last weekend. It has been many years since I have been to Lake Geneva, and I was favorably impressed with the town. It doesn't have that ticky-tacky look some resort towns have. The lake, parks, and businesses look clean. Everyone looked happy and relaxed.

Oh, and the art show. I knew many of the artists from the local shows. All that I spoke with were happy with their sales! This show may have potential for me. Something to consider in the future.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Best In Category!

I was awarded first place in watercolor at the Evanston Lake Shore art fair, one of the many good things about last weekend. Other positive things:

  • I sold one of my favorite paintings, 'Gold and Silver' a goldfinch perched on silverfeather grass.

Though it was hot and humid Sunday, Saturday was cooler than average and cloudy. Also, the heavy rain was only at night. By the way, the Trimline was watertight during a night's worth of rain. I will never overcome my fixation on weather.

My neighbors were nice. That's rarely a problem, but our booths were shoulder to shoulder, and we made the best of it.

The prints sold well, cards did okay, too.

Not positive things:

The volunteers never actually volunteered when I needed a break. After one came around early to offer assistance if needed, I never saw him or any others again.

Biting flies.

I got a parking ticket. It's Evanston.

Since the booths were in close contact during many hours of rain, mildew formed on the top and sides, which I will battle with Windex.