Monday, September 30, 2013

The Art Fair Season Ends.

Yes, it's over. And it was a mixed bag, too. Sales ranged from excellent to dud-like, but all in all, I'll have a lot of paintings to work on over the off season. I also have decided to branch out slightly from my usual format, and will experiment with that idea over the long non-art fair season. That is all I have to offer on that subject until there is something to show for it in this space.

Speaking of goldfinches

While in my recent goldfinch groove, this painting was done over the summer. It was commissioned, which explains the unlikely scenario pictured here.
Four Yellow Birds, Watercolor and Colored Pencil.

This is the last goldfinch painting for a while...

...Unless someone MUST commission me to paint a goldfinch.
Until then, though, I'm through painting them until this one is sold.
At first I imagined this couple to be visiting the overly tall sunflowers in my garden. (Seriously, these plants, borrowed from a nearby unattended field a year ago, have turned into the monsters of the garden.) Then, after finishing the painting, I did actually see them on these sunflowers, for a moment, and then they took off.