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Now I have the camera, here goes:

  I'll be posting non-art related photos here, mostly of my gardens.Gardening and creation of art are closely related. A beautiful garden is a combination of luck, hard physical work, research, trial and error, and a need to create balance between the selected plants and their environment. I once read that a garden is anything but natural! It's a man-made creation made from growing, changing, living things! If there's one thing I don't want, it's a natural garden. That would quickly devolve into a weed patch.
I'll continue to post photos here as the growing season progresses.
  The above photos were taken on May 13, 2012.

The above group of  photos were taken May 23, 2012. The photo directly above this caption represents my favorite moment of the gardening season. The combination of sage, siberian iris, yarrow, and the foliage of the silver grass create a color and texture work of art.

 Today, June 24, 2012, I was observing the interesting and varied textures of the garden. The hydrangea is going wild this year. It should be, I water it almost every day! Of course, that doesn't always result in blooms but this year is a good one. I've moved that plant around over the years, and it has found a home. Oh, for a decent rain - this is a dry month. That lily is taller than I am. It seems to be reaching for the sky. The morning glory has a color that is not of this world. It appears to generate its own light source. The petunia at the top of the list is the closest to black I've ever seen in a bloom. By the way, I'm very happy with the quality of the new camera. Not bad for a Kodak point and shoot.

August 26, 2012: The garden is winding down. It's been tough keeping it going this season. There have been many heat waves and dry periods. These pictures were taken minutes before a much-needed rain. 

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