Description - Paintings

All of my paintings are created in watercolor, using a technique that requires adding multiple layers of transparent paint. After completing a light pencil sketch on Strathmore 3-ply (500 Series) Bristol board, I apply a thin, diluted layer of color over all surfaces to be painted. Gradually, more layers are added, creating more intense and accurate colors while avoiding too much saturation in the highlighted areas. Since it is not possible to apply light pigment over dark ones successfully with watercolor, I am careful to save the darkest tones and shadows for last. this also helps create the illusion of 3-dimensionality so essential to 2-dimensional art. Though my paintings are detailed, I feel that they retain a freshness, and are never muddy or overworked.

My subject matter consists of birds and botanicals that are well known to me. All of my original paintings are done life size, and I am careful to depict the birds (and an occasional insect) in their natural, familiar settings. I enjoy choosing designs that represent all of the seasons of the year. My goal as an artist is to achieve accuracy, attractive design, and a connection with the viewer in each of my paintings.

Most of my work is also available as open edition digital prints. The process begins with a high resolution scan of the original art, which I then transfer into my computer's Photoshop program, making all of the necessary adjustments to match the print as closely as possible to the original. They are then printed using an Epson professional printer, with lightfast inks on archival paper. I then sign and title each finished print before it is matted. Many prints are also available framed.