Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Positive Sign

The NSUC show went really well. Every year I make an appearance to set up for this show, greeting the same volunteers, occupying the same booth space, and even seeing many of the same customers. Most of the same artists are there. It's very reassuring, yet strange that an entire year passes in between a show, and little changes from one to the next. Attendance was noticeably higher, in part due to bad weather (the opposite of an outdoor show) and free admission.

Back to the printer issue. It turns out that a new print head, again, was needed. We're giving it another try. It's working great presently, though by deleting and reinstalling the printer driver, the color adjustments I'd made were lost, and images looked too intensely colored, and generally off. I'm making the corrections, recalling the general tendency of the program to overdo it regarding saturation.

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