Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting Ready

Stage one of the loading process: Gather up all art cartons, tubs, tools, bins from the "studio". (This term is applied loosely to the extra bedroom in which I create and store my art).
Stage two: Move said objects from the upstairs studio into the hallway. I'm currently in this stage of the process.
Stage three: Bring all items downstairs, and place close to the door leading to the garage.
Stage four: Load tent materials, tables, chairs, step stool & cart into van.
Stage five: Load items mentioned in Stage one into van.
The show this weekend will require kind of a hybrid display system. My booth will be under a large tent-like structure, so I will need my tent for the framework and the display panels, but won't need the canopy or side panels. Neither will I need stakes or weights. This makes the loading and setup process easier. Now, doesn't that seem easy?

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