Friday, November 1, 2013

Keeping It Simple

In an attempt to offer a more more broad selection of original art sizes and price points, I've decided to produce smaller, simpler works. My thinking is to create original art for smaller spaces, and smaller budgets. This being the case, I have to still maintain a high standard of detail and accuracy, but with less going on in the composition. I also must work quickly without compromising attention to detail.
When working with an iris, speed is essential. This plant blooms and withers in no time. In less than one hour, I painted this iris bloom. It looked noticeably different at the beginning of the hour than it did at the end.
Small Iris, watercolor by Anne Gilna
I'm not thrilled with the color produced by my scanner. I'll go outside to take a photo of the piece when I can which will be more accurate.

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