Sunday, July 1, 2007

Drawing in the garden

Our meeting of the Reed Turner Botanical Artists group was Saturday. We sat in a beautiful wildflower garden on the property of Ms. Reed Turner. Butterflies and dragonflies were as abundant as the sunshine. Until then, I had always taken a cutting of the plant I wanted to paint, set it up at my desk, and hurried to sketch it before it changed. When drawing from nature, it was hard not to be distracted by, well, all of the natural distractions. All in all, it was a good first experience.

We also discussed the possibility of having a pre-holiday sale of our work at the nature center. I'm all for it, as that may be my only chance of displaying any work in the off-season. We will need publicity to draw potential buyers of nature artwork to the center. We'll continue to discuss this, I hope.

Link to Reed Turner Woodland website:
Long Grove Park District: Reed Turner

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