Monday, July 30, 2007

Good weather at Glenview

The Glenview art fair went well! Both days had good weather - cloudy with no rain the first day, completely clear but not too hot the second day. The setup of the Trimline and mesh panels was time consuming, but the finished look is a great improvement. Print and notecard sales were good, and I saw a lot of repeat customers.

Next weekend, Evanston Lake Shore. . . I'm hearing reports of 90s predicted ( am I paranoid about weather, or what?) but of course, nothing I can do about it now, or then, for that matter.

I've been on the wait list for the Deer Path show, and they won't give me any clue about my position on the list. There's not much chance I'm going to be in that show, but there may be an alternative. More on that later.

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