Monday, September 3, 2007

All's Well That Ends Well

I'm in the process of reorganizing my stuff after the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Artisan Guild show, as I do after every show. Here's how it went: NO RAIN!!!! Besides that fact, I enjoyed it, and had my best sales of the season so far. We were very close geographically to the Deer Path show, which confused some customers, but allowed my regular customers to find me when they couldn't find me at the other show. This happened a number of times, though I tried to make it clear in my mass e-blast, many people either don't get my e-mails, or just forgot.

I do believe our much smaller group siphoned off a small bit of sales from the very well-known (and quite excellent) Deer Path show. At first, I was still annoyed that I wasn't in it, especially since I was informed that there was a space available for me there a few days before the show, but I declined the offer due to having made the commitment to the Artisan Guild earlier. On Sunday, though the weather was great, the crowds were small, and it was discouraging. Monday, also with perfect weather, brought more people, many of whom were existing customers, and more sales.

We had live music, which was very enjoyable and conducive to enjoying the art, and a food vendor. I believe they helped attract attention to our location. The organizers were diligent and welcoming. All in all, like every show, it was exhausting, but, unlike every show, I feel this was a worthwhile experience!

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